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Testosterone 400mg is a synthetic form of testosterone that is gaining popularity among bodybuilders and athletes. It is used to promote muscle growth, fat loss, improve performance and endurance. Top of Form

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Testosterone 400 is generally a long lasting, slow releasing blend made up of enanthate, cypionate, decaonate and undecanoate. The last two esters mentioned would not be top choices if you plan to do a post cycle therapy. The half lives are just too long making you start pct much later making your next cycle that much further out… Some blends do contain some testosterone propionate but the purpose for many with T400 is to avoid frequent shots! Using T400 to get a worthy dose of testosterone propionate also means having to inject a full ml every other day. Not everyone wants or needs that much testosterone in their cyles…

But those who seek high weekly levels of test, testosterone 400, slow release ester can be a top pick. Many users will worry about post injection pain. I’ve done numerous pectoral and triceps shots. I do usually train the muscle that was injected shortly after to help dispense the oil. Give that a shot if you can time the injection near the actual workout. It may take a few tries, especially with triceps…

Some may argue the decaonate and undecaonate esters are less “valid” since they can technically make you hold more water. In terms of real life results, unless you compete, I really wouldn’t worry about that. These long ester blends can be very appealing to those who simply work insane work hours or happen to travel a lot. You wouldn’t want to be running a testosterone propionate cycle then go on vacation at some point. It can also be very stressful to try and carry your gear, especially if you’re taking the plane. One little trick is to send your vials and syringes to your destination before hand but you didn’t hear that from me!





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