Intermediate 12 Week Mass Cycle

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4 bottles of Testosterone Enanthate
4 bottles of Deca Durabolin
6 bottles Turinabol
1 bottle Aromasin


Canada’s Best Anabolic Steroid Stack For Mass!

At some point, using one or two anabolic steroids may no longer cut it. Most cycles will always include testosterone and this one is no different. Most beginners start around 500ish mg of various testosterone esters. We’re gonna bump it up a little here. Deca Durabolin is one of the most popular, time tested anabolics ever. The results take a little longer to come but the extra fullness and 3D muscles are worth the wait. Many will notice naggin injuries feeling a bit better. Just be careful as that is a false sense of security so make sure you remember that before going crazy with new PR attempts! This steroid stack will tempt you…

The added versatility of Turinabol will have you looking pumped 24/7. The longer half life makes dosing Turinabol only twice a day possible while keeping stable blood levels. Turinabol may not get you as huge as dianabol but you’ll stay leaner therefore keeping more of your gains.

Lastly, aromasin in case you feel that tingling in your nipples. Aromasin will also keep water retention down while helping blood pressure stay in check! Keeping estrogen levels in balance is key to overall mood, sexual health, sleep pattens and day to day energy levels. Aromasin may cost a little more than the other anti estrogens however, it’s the healhiest choice we have to date and a top choice for any steroid stack.

Suggested use: 750mg testosterone enanthate stacked with 600mg deca durabolin per week. I would split that over 4 shots to create stable blood levels reducing any potential side effects. There is enough turinabol in this anabolic steroid stack for about 60mg/day for the entire cycle.  Half a tab of aromasin per day or every other day should keep you safe. Many chose to start an AI when they feel side effects or around week 3 when the hormones begin to peak.  This is a really solid anabolic steroid cycle stack, have run it myself with great results.


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