Intermediate 12 week summer steroid stack

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6 bottles Testosterone Propionate
6 bottles Masteron Propionate
6 bottles Anavar
1 bottle Aromasin
Suggested Use: 500mg testosterone propionate with 500mg masteron propionate per week. If you do every other day shots, 1.4ml of each product will give you about 500mg per week. There is enough anavar here to run 60mg/day the whole cycle. Anti estrogen use may not be necessary for everyone. I would have a bottle on the side either way. 10mg eod of aromasin should keep most people gyno free and look tighter from lowered estrogen levels.


Here’s a Summer Steroid Stack with “cutting steroids” to get you in shape!

The use of fast acting cutting steroids like Testosterone Propionate, Masteron Propionate, Anavar are chosen to preserve lean muscle mass. Aromasin may not be needed by everyone but most would agree they look leaner while using it.

To ensure stable blood levels and optimal results of your summer steroid stack it’s best to take a shot every other day. The syringe will almost be full using 1.4ml of Testosterone Propionate and 1.4ml Masteron Propionate per shot. To make the cutting cycle even more effective, we’re going to add 3 anavar tabs/day.  Anavar has such a nice long half life, you can dose it every 8 hours and keep constant levels in your system.

Your summer steroid stack may not require an anti estrogen from the very start. You may want to wait a little before adding aromasin because it could tank your estrogen levels too low. If that happens, you may feel sore, achy joints, low sex drive along with bad sleep patterns. By keeping your injections frequent, you help minimize any potential steroid side effects but not immune…

Despite being an overall safe cycle, it can have it’s given side effects. Sadly, all the compounds here are rather unfriendly to a man’s hairline. You could always try something like Finasteride or Duasteride. Finasteride is known to kill sex drive so now the product you’re taking to avoid a side effect is causing sides of it’s own…

Recovery from your summer steroid stack should begin 5 days after your last shot. A simple 4 week run of nolvadex (link at bottom of text) could do the trick. Honorable mention to clomid and HCG. Lastly, clenbuterol could be used during pct. The clenbuterol could help you stay lean and gives a good kick of energy.



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