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synthol injection

Synthol, is it cheating?

Most people think injecting synthol is a form of cheating. It’s an odd topic because there’s no actual steroids or hormones in Synthol, yet the muscle gets “bigger.” I’m talking about the basic “poor man’s” version using some sort of filtered coconut or mct oil with added BA. I’m choosing this form (coconut oil version) because that’s the oil I have first hands experience with so here’s my story synthol story!

First off, no way in hell did I never think I would let myself become so obsessed with my “non responding calves.” I put in well over 2 decades of training before making my choice to shoot em up with synthol! In that given time I’d tried every method in existence. From conventional to the exact opposite and in between. Various rep/tempo ranges, frequencies, rest between sets, intensity techniques to extreme stretches (those caused a bad tear, if you think it’s a bad pain it probably is, don’t be a dummy like me and keep holding the stretch)

After finally accepting my lack of gains, I began to google the topic of synthol use from a site called “professional muscle.com” I’ll post their link at the bottom of the blog so you can see what you think of it… The pin protocol I read needed 6 shots in each calve so I had to load up 12 syringes with oil. Surprisingly, the shots themselves almost always went very well. No pain while doing it. But the pain comes, oh trust me! After… When you start with .5ml per shot, it’s not so bad. You feel a nice, constant pump in your calves. The effects are also instant! I was very happy, especially with how my calves looked from the front.

When I hear people say “Synthol is for lazy people” I really wish they could have seen how long this whole routine takes. As you get around 2ml per shot, the calve muscles are getting saturated. Sometimes I’d just pull the pin out (25g 1 inch) and either blood or oil would come squirting out. Hence the need for band aids. I was much more freaked out over doing the shots behind the calves. Those shots were said to be done “from the side” so not directly “in” like a delt shot or quad shot… So you do 3 shots in the calve behind the knee and 3 shots from the side.

Doing the shots in the side of the calves from the front was just way easier and comfortable. You have to balance yourself doing the shots from behind while keeping the muscle relaxed or it will be a painful shot…

My synthol was oil based “gains” lasted much longer than many “SEO” blends you see that need dailly shots. Either way, whatever results you end up with are not permanent, I don’t care what anyone tells you, lol.. When I reached the max dosage of 3ml per shot, it was just too painful. By then I had gained a good 2 inches, bit more but I feel they looked wattery/fake. At that point, I could no longer continue the cycle due to living arrangements and was also fed up from the constant pain.

Perhaps I would have “kept” more had I continued the recommended time at peak doses followed by the maintenance period but I was just DONE with all that pinning and mess. I spoke of this taking a lot of time meaning a good 2hrs to get the shots in then do the “pumping sets” to help distribute the oil. Honestly, I would MUCH RATHER just train calves, lol but they hardly mesured 16 inches on a body most would say was “advanced gym rat level.”

The absolute worst part of injecting synthol is each time you get up from a seated position, it feels like you’re walking on glass. The first time I hit 2cc per shot, when waking up the next morning, I couldn’t stand on my feet! It tooks me forever just go walk to the bathroom for that ever so satisfying morning piss! So if you sit for more than 5-10 min, it takes a while to walk normally. People began to notice I always walked funny. I just blamed it on calve training…

Would I do synthol injections again? Maybe. No more than 1ml per shot trying to get away with less shots overall. Meaning 4 shots per side VS 6 shots perviously. I don’t think I have the stomach to do the shots in the back near the top close to the back of the knee. The side shots were rather quick and easy. Not much pain with 1ml range and the pump was just amazing. The feeling of maximum fullness at all times while still looking “real” was satisfying.

When I see these nuggets from Brazil and similar countries blow up their “guns” to 20ish inches the first thing I think of is “man… They must be in so much pain.” They also use the same pin over and over again, lol… I didn’t mention my bicep shot/trial I did but guess I’ll include it. Whatever you do, don’t become this guy!


Anyway, that pretty much covers my synthol experience. Part of me still can’t believe I went through with all that. Coming from a guy who fainted on his first steroid to boot… Synthol just has a bad reputation because the people shown using it look TERRIBLE and are way out of portion. However, if used in a sane matter it can potentially look good.

To see real life discussions on this topic check out the link

:Site Enhancing Oils (synthol) – a how to guide | Professional Muscle – Bodybuilding Forum

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