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steroids for beginners

Best Steroid Cycle For Beginners!

A very common question many gym enthusiasts ask is “What’s the best cycle of steroids for beginners?” No matter what your goal is, I always suggest taking a full week off before that first shot.


You’re cycle is going to last 12 weeks. Post cycle therapy lasts 4 weeks. So we’re talking 16 weeks of training accomplish. Gains often follow rest periods and it’s wise to “choose your valley before reaching your peak.”

The novice steroid user may be intimidated by having to self inject. That’s ok and rather normal. If it’s any comfort to you, I fainted on my first shot and had others do my injections on my first 3 cycles. I was TERRIFIED. Long story short, the best cycle of steroids for beginners would be 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week split over 2 shots for 12 weeks. I would strongly suggest you inject a muscle you plan to train that given day. Why? It will help spread the injection better and many report a better experience. Most muscles you inject the first time, will be sore after so don’t be too worried about that. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in a relaxed state. If you inject a muscle that is being tensed, it won’t feel good after. Also mute your phone so you don’t get distracted.

What is the best time to do the shot?

Always think HYGENE. I like to take my shot after a shower. Ideally, everything is laid out (70% rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, syringe and needle with a fresh tip) Speaking of pins and syringes, here’s what I suggest. 1-1.5 inch 20 gauge to draw up your testosterone enanthate. Once you have your 1ml of oil, ALWAYS switch that pin for a fresh tip. Most prefer 23-25 gauge tip for the actual shot. (The lower the number on the gauge ex:20 gauge, the thicker the pin gets. Tust me… You do not want to inject with a 20 gauge needle, especially after it poked a vial. Here’s a pic of a needle that’s had a few pokes. Have a little zoom in and tell me if you wanna poke yourself with that!?

Ok… So you’re now ready for that last moment of being natural! I wouldn’t jab the pin inside all the way. Why? You could be unlucky and hit a nerve. So just poke the area so the pin goes in a little. Then, slowly stick the rest in. If you feel a really odd discomfort, you may be near a vein. Don’t panic! Just pull back a bit and redirect. It should go well. Don’t be alarmed if you see blood coming out when you pull the pin out as you may have nicked a vein. Just put another cotton swab where needed and apply light pressure.

So there you go, at least you didn’t pass out like me!

As always, thank you for trusting me in your quest. Gonna leave a link below so you can seek out more info. Reddit can be a source of info if you wanna see what others are doing and even join the conversation yourself, enjoy! (2) [Discussion] First Cycle Experiences : steroids (reddit.com)



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