Beginner Steroid Mass Stack

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3 vials Test Enanthate.
3 bottles dianabol
1 aromasin
Recommended use: 500mg test per week divided over 2-4 shots. There is enough dianabol for a daily dose of 30mg the entire cycle. Some may or may not need an anti estrogen but we prefer to include aromasin as it’s the healthiest anti aromatase. 10mg eod should keep most safe from gyno.


Stacking various steroids at some point in your juice head career is pretty much a given. So let’s start with your first beginner mass stack!

You can probably guess testosterone will be the base with a little something added. Most beginners are impatient (no offense!) so I suggest good ol dianabol. Dbal is what being on steroids feels like. Dianabol brings such fast, satisfying results everyone has to try it at least once.


How Do I Use Dianabol In My Steroid Stack???

There’s actually various methods bodybuilders use in regards to oral steroid use. I’m going to focus on having steady blood levels as much as possible. To do this, you’re simply going to take 10mg of dbal 3x/day. The half life of dianabol is 3-5ish hours. Depending on overall stomach health, I would advise to take your dose with food.  Just get a bit of your meal down then take your little magic tab…

How Much Dianabol Should I Use?

30mg of dianabol may not sound like a lot to many of you. I’m just being safe and realize the dose could be a little higher. I really want the user to have a positive and safe experience. If in good health, there shouldn’t be any issues, health wise. Does not mean you may not lose some hair, potential acne or even increased blood pressure.  Side effects vary a lot from person to person. My main reason to keep the dbal dose on the low side is because many oral steroids wreck appetite. If you don’t get your calories in, it’s a pure waste.

Are Gains From Dianabol Permanent?

I sure wish they were. Let’s be honest and logical here. Anything that brings you quick gains is lost as fast as it comes. You are simply borrowing a look. But how is that different if you stop eating optimal? You lose size… None of this is permanent. Look at pics of pro’s when they stop training and gear. I would post some pics but find is disrespectful.

Back to the steroid stack… The base, testosterone enanthate. 500mg per week. There is an enormous amount of bickering online in regards to how much testosterone you should use in your first cycle. I’ve never seen anyone in real life come close to “putting too much size on.” Most big guys who are honest use 500mg testosterone as a cruise (between cycles but now I’m getting off topic.)


You could easily use the same amount of testosterone from cypionate, sustanon 250 or even propionate. I’d advice against test 400 since the decanoate ester is released much later. Some would argue you could use less testosterone propionate since technically there is more testosterone per ml . If that’s what you prefer, sure, can always use more if it’s not what you’re looking for…

The last part of this bulking stack is more of a safe guard. I left out gynecomastia as potential side effects with methandrostenelone or any given ester of testosterone. Gyno is probably the biggest reason you’d want to have either arimidex, letrozole or aromasin in case you need it. If ever your nipples feel itchy, it’s very possible the gyno fairy is knocking on your door… If you ignore that knock, you may grow some man boobs. Aromasin was chosen as it’s simply the healthiest choice but don’t stress that too much if you can only find arimdex. Letrozole is your last anti aromatase of choice.

How Often Should I Use Aromasin???


A good starting point with aromasin would be 10ish mg every other day. Possible side effects of aromasin are sore joints, lack of libido, bad sleep… Keep in mind blood tests would be ideal but that’s not always possible in real life. Aromasin is best taken after a meal that has some fats.

In Summary,

As with any cycle, I always recommend you start after taking a week off from the gym!!! You have 12 weeks of intense training ahead of you, then the dreaded 4 week PCT. We’re talking 16 weeks, 4 months, 1/3 of your year invested into this. But there you have it, your first steroid bulking stack!

Thanks for trusting me and hope you bring your body to the next level soon,


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