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Synthol, is it cheating?

Most people think injecting synthol is a form of cheating. It’s an odd topic because there’s no actual steroids or hormones in Synthol, yet the muscle gets “bigger.” I’m talking about the basic “poor man’s” version using some sort of filtered coconut or mct oil with added BA. I’m choosing this form (coconut oil version) because that’s the oil I have first hands experience with so here’s my story synthol story!

First off, no way in hell did I never think I would let myself become so obsessed with my “non responding calves.” I put in well over 2 decades of training before making my choice to shoot em up with synthol! In that given time I’d tried every method in existence. From conventional to the exact opposite and in between. Various rep/tempo ranges, frequencies, rest between sets, intensity techniques to extreme stretches (those caused a bad tear, if you think it’s a bad pain it probably is, don’t be a dummy like me and keep holding the stretch)

After finally accepting my lack of gains, I began to google the topic of synthol use from a site called “professional muscle.com” I’ll post their link at the bottom of the blog so you can see what you think of it… The pin protocol I read needed 6 shots in each calve so I had to load up 12 syringes with oil. Surprisingly, the shots themselves almost always went very well. No pain while doing it. But the pain comes, oh trust me! After… When you start with .5ml per shot, it’s not so bad. You feel a nice, constant pump in your calves. The effects are also instant! I was very happy, especially with how my calves looked from the front.

When I hear people say “Synthol is for lazy people” I really wish they could have seen how long this whole routine takes. As you get around 2ml per shot, the calve muscles are getting saturated. Sometimes I’d just pull the pin out (25g 1 inch) and either blood or oil would come squirting out. Hence the need for band aids. I was much more freaked out over doing the shots behind the calves. Those shots were said to be done “from the side” so not directly “in” like a delt shot or quad shot… So you do 3 shots in the calve behind the knee and 3 shots from the side.

Doing the shots in the side of the calves from the front was just way easier and comfortable. You have to balance yourself doing the shots from behind while keeping the muscle relaxed or it will be a painful shot…

My synthol was oil based “gains” lasted much longer than many “SEO” blends you see that need dailly shots. Either way, whatever results you end up with are not permanent, I don’t care what anyone tells you, lol.. When I reached the max dosage of 3ml per shot, it was just too painful. By then I had gained a good 2 inches, bit more but I feel they looked wattery/fake. At that point, I could no longer continue the cycle due to living arrangements and was also fed up from the constant pain.

Perhaps I would have “kept” more had I continued the recommended time at peak doses followed by the maintenance period but I was just DONE with all that pinning and mess. I spoke of this taking a lot of time meaning a good 2hrs to get the shots in then do the “pumping sets” to help distribute the oil. Honestly, I would MUCH RATHER just train calves, lol but they hardly mesured 16 inches on a body most would say was “advanced gym rat level.”

The absolute worst part of injecting synthol is each time you get up from a seated position, it feels like you’re walking on glass. The first time I hit 2cc per shot, when waking up the next morning, I couldn’t stand on my feet! It tooks me forever just go walk to the bathroom for that ever so satisfying morning piss! So if you sit for more than 5-10 min, it takes a while to walk normally. People began to notice I always walked funny. I just blamed it on calve training…

Would I do synthol injections again? Maybe. No more than 1ml per shot trying to get away with less shots overall. Meaning 4 shots per side VS 6 shots perviously. I don’t think I have the stomach to do the shots in the back near the top close to the back of the knee. The side shots were rather quick and easy. Not much pain with 1ml range and the pump was just amazing. The feeling of maximum fullness at all times while still looking “real” was satisfying.

When I see these nuggets from Brazil and similar countries blow up their “guns” to 20ish inches the first thing I think of is “man… They must be in so much pain.” They also use the same pin over and over again, lol… I didn’t mention my bicep shot/trial I did but guess I’ll include it. Whatever you do, don’t become this guy!


Anyway, that pretty much covers my synthol experience. Part of me still can’t believe I went through with all that. Coming from a guy who fainted on his first steroid to boot… Synthol just has a bad reputation because the people shown using it look TERRIBLE and are way out of portion. However, if used in a sane matter it can potentially look good.

To see real life discussions on this topic check out the link

:Site Enhancing Oils (synthol) – a how to guide | Professional Muscle – Bodybuilding Forum

Best Steroid Cycle For Beginners!

A very common question many gym enthusiasts ask is “What’s the best cycle of steroids for beginners?” No matter what your goal is, I always suggest taking a full week off before that first shot.


You’re cycle is going to last 12 weeks. Post cycle therapy lasts 4 weeks. So we’re talking 16 weeks of training accomplish. Gains often follow rest periods and it’s wise to “choose your valley before reaching your peak.”

The novice steroid user may be intimidated by having to self inject. That’s ok and rather normal. If it’s any comfort to you, I fainted on my first shot and had others do my injections on my first 3 cycles. I was TERRIFIED. Long story short, the best cycle of steroids for beginners would be 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week split over 2 shots for 12 weeks. I would strongly suggest you inject a muscle you plan to train that given day. Why? It will help spread the injection better and many report a better experience. Most muscles you inject the first time, will be sore after so don’t be too worried about that. Whatever you do, make sure you’re in a relaxed state. If you inject a muscle that is being tensed, it won’t feel good after. Also mute your phone so you don’t get distracted.

What is the best time to do the shot?

Always think HYGENE. I like to take my shot after a shower. Ideally, everything is laid out (70% rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, syringe and needle with a fresh tip) Speaking of pins and syringes, here’s what I suggest. 1-1.5 inch 20 gauge to draw up your testosterone enanthate. Once you have your 1ml of oil, ALWAYS switch that pin for a fresh tip. Most prefer 23-25 gauge tip for the actual shot. (The lower the number on the gauge ex:20 gauge, the thicker the pin gets. Tust me… You do not want to inject with a 20 gauge needle, especially after it poked a vial. Here’s a pic of a needle that’s had a few pokes. Have a little zoom in and tell me if you wanna poke yourself with that!?

Ok… So you’re now ready for that last moment of being natural! I wouldn’t jab the pin inside all the way. Why? You could be unlucky and hit a nerve. So just poke the area so the pin goes in a little. Then, slowly stick the rest in. If you feel a really odd discomfort, you may be near a vein. Don’t panic! Just pull back a bit and redirect. It should go well. Don’t be alarmed if you see blood coming out when you pull the pin out as you may have nicked a vein. Just put another cotton swab where needed and apply light pressure.

So there you go, at least you didn’t pass out like me!

As always, thank you for trusting me in your quest. Gonna leave a link below so you can seek out more info. Reddit can be a source of info if you wanna see what others are doing and even join the conversation yourself, enjoy! (2) [Discussion] First Cycle Experiences : steroids (reddit.com)



Dbol bulking steroid

The Do’s and Don’ts of Taking Dbol: A Beginner’s Guide to Safe Steroid Use

Dianabol offers novice steroid users nearly unparalleled muscle and strength-building potency when bulking. However, as an extremely powerful oral steroid, Dianabol demands utmost caution to harness its benefits safely. For those new to Dbol, understanding the best practices for intelligent use is critical. Let’s explore the core dos and don’ts for keeping your Dbol cycles as productive and risk-controlled as possible.

First produced in the late 1950s, Dianabol quickly became a firm favorite strength athlete steroid thanks to its ability to enable incredible muscular and performance gains in short periods. However, its hazardous nature when used recklessly also became apparent. Today, the Dbol bulking steroid remains widely used by beginners looking to speed up muscle growth results. But imprudent use only magnifies its dangers. When respected, Dbol can propel muscle gains to new heights – but first-time users must heed critical warnings.

By following key guidelines and avoiding common beginner pitfalls, fledgling bodybuilders can explore Dianabol’s remarkable power prudently under medical guidance. Transformations in size, strength, and confidence await those focused on the journey itself through diligence. Let’s review the core dos and don’ts to keep you on track.

Do Choose a Reputable Source

With black market steroid quality dubious, sourcing authentic Dianabol is a priority. Only purchase from well-established suppliers with transparent verifiable testing. Real Dbol bulking steroid delivers proper concentration, sterility, and purity. Pay the premium for peace of mind.

Never buy from unverified sellers of counterfeit products. Fake Dbol can contain anything or lack active ingredients completely, posing major health risks and squandering money for no gain. Proper planning prevents disappointment – the real deal produces real results.

Don’t Procure International Orders to Canada

Avoid the temptation to save money through international smuggling. U.S. to Canada customs inspections rigorously search packages for illegal drug importation. The odds of seizure are extremely high.

While domestic Canadian orders rarely raise suspicion, importing drugs across international borders carries stiff legal penalties if caught. Keep orders strictly domestic. You can buy anabolic steroids in Canada online from various trusted sources. The extra costs are insignificant compared to the disastrous consequences of a drug trafficking charge.

Do Extensive Research Before Starting

Never take any steroid blindly without thoroughly researching. Learn all about proper dosing, cycling, stacking, side effects, and PCT specific to Dbol. Gather information only from credible medical sources, not gym hearsay.

Misinformation abounds online. Discuss concerns transparently with your doctor and experienced, health-conscious mentors. Knowledge is power – it enables maximizing benefits and controlling risks judiciously. Don’t act until you understand Dbol intimately.

Don’t Neglect Prior Blood Testing

Pre-cycle blood work is critical for assessing hormone balance, cholesterol markers, liver enzymes, and more before starting the Dbol bulking steroid cycle. Testing establishes healthy baselines for monitoring changes over your cycle.

Without understanding your starting point, dangerous health impacts can manifest undetected. Get a comprehensive panel testing kidneys, hormones, lipids, blood cell counts, cardiac markers, and more. Private blood testing services like LetsGetChecked offer confidential screening.

Do Use Modest Beginner Doses

Starting with lower doses allows for assessing tolerance. Begin with 15-25mg daily maximum for a Dbol-only first cycle. Consider splitting the daily dose to maintain stable blood levels.

Build up slowly over subsequent cycles once you understand how your body responds. Drastic overdosing leads to adverse effects without necessarily enhancing benefits proportionally. Find your minimal effective dose through experience.

Don’t Skimp on Supportive Ancillaries

When bulking with Dianabol, using only Dbol tablets alone is dangerous – additional medications mitigate side effects:

  • Aromatase Inhibitors (AIs) – Control excess estrogen; prevent gynecomastia
  • Liver support supplements – Protect against hepatotoxicity
  • Blood pressure medications – Keep circulatory strain in check
  • Cholesterol drugs – Maintain healthy HDL/LDL balance
  • Post-cycle therapy drugs – Restart natural testosterone production after

These protective agents are mandatory for beginner safety. Don’t be pennywise and pound foolish – pay for comprehensive protection.

Do Run Short Cycles of 4-6 Weeks

Restricting cycle length is key for beginners as orals are particularly taxing over extended durations. Limit Dbol runs to 4-6 weeks followed by an equally long off-cycle period for hormone recovery.

Gains continue accelerating even in the final weeks as levels keep rising. Don’t restart too quickly chasing more gains. Be patient – less total use over the long run enhances health outcomes.

Don’t Start with Multiple Compounds

Avoid the temptation to stack numerous steroids together as a beginner. Using the Dbol bulking steroid alone first allows for properly assessing its effects on your body individually.

Adding in other compounds too quickly risks exacerbating side effects through complex pharmaceutical interactions. Get accustomed to Dbol before complicating the equation. Learn one steroid at a time.

Do Adhere to Medical Guidelines

With physician oversight, implement protocols for safe practices:

  • Follow dosage limits without exceeding recommendations
  • Get periodic blood tests to monitor your health
  • Watch closely and report potential side effects
  • Use pharmaceutical-grade products only
  • Implement cycling, stacking, and PCT properly

There are no shortcuts – diligently following clinical best practices prevents harm. But trying to circumvent these necessities out of impatience backfires. Trust the process guided by doctors.

Don’t Opt For Bulking With Dianabol Alone

No steroid will work miracles in the absence of intense training tailored to your goals plus calculated nutrition in a slight caloric surplus. Don’t expect Dbol alone to transform you.

Support your cycle fully by matching enhanced capabilities with heavier, more frequent lifts using proven strength-building techniques. Consume adequate protein and carbs to fuel new growth. Dbol magnifies the stimulus from lifestyle factors – it does not replace them.

Do Give Your Body Time Off Between Cycles

Avoid restarting your cycle with Dbol bulking steroids endlessly back-to-back. Give your body an extended rest between cycles for endogenous hormone production to normalize before another blast.

Follow clinical guidelines of cycling for 6-12 weeks maximum followed by an off period of at least as long as the cycle before potentially restarting use under medical supervision. This on-off cadence supports health.

Don’t Take Without Medical Guidance

Attempting to use any steroid including Dbol without an experienced physician overseeing your health is ill-advised. Seek authentic medical support, not just gym “bro science.”

Self-administering potent pharmaceuticals devoid of blood testing, symptom monitoring, and dose adjustment is hazardous. A doctor’s guidance helps use Dbol constructively long-term. Don’t play games with your health.


When respected for its sheer power and used intelligently under medical stewardship, Dianabol or Dbol bulking steroid can help beginners unlock unmatched increases in muscle growth and strength. But reckless use or neglect of precautions inevitably ends poorly. By following critical best practice dos and don’ts, fledgling bodybuilders can explore Dbol safely and productively. Stay patient, determined, and consistent in applying the lessons learned here.

Never compromise your health in pursuit of ambition. If you approach steroid use maturely, spectacular gains await. But allow the process to unfold gradually with care and diligence.

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